Best. Absolute. Perfect.

July 21, 2013

If you don't already know, I'm a HUGEEEEEEEE fan of Kpop. Here goes another Kpop post. Skip it if you are not interested but I recommend you to read on. This is like one of the most legendary Kpop groups at the moment.

This group I'm going to blabber about is actually quite new. Debuted only in January 2012, they just passed their first year anniversary not long ago! Although I don't really listen to the newer group that pops up every 5 minute, this particular guy caught my eyes when he had a duet with Song Jieun from Secret (Secret is one of my fave girl groups). And he has yet to even debut properly at that time (song was released in March 2011).

Song Jieun (from Secret) ft Bang Yongguk - Going Crazy

I thought no one will ever surpass T.O.P's deep unique handsome voice. Guess what, he just did. And his voice is even more awesome than T.O.P's (sorry my dear but you're still better looking lol). He's none other than B.A.P's current leader, Bang Yongguk.

Ever since the song was released, I've been waiting for Bang Yongguk's team to debut. I've waited for 1 year. ONE WHOLE YEAR WAITING FOR A KPOP GROUP THAT HAS YET TO DEBUT FML.

But luckily before B.A.P's debut, Yongguk collaborated with a few other artiste so I don't have to be waiting like a crazy fangirl for something that doesn't exist.

Bang Yongguk (from B.A.P) & Yang Yoseob (from Beast) - I Remember

Then right before B.A.P's debut, they formed a subunit with the group's another powerful rapper, Zelo. Zelo was like 16 at that time and his rap was @#$%^&*!

Bang Yongguk & Zelo - Never Give Up

If you're wondering what B.A.P stands for, it's acronym for "Best. Absolute. Perfect." I know Kpop group acronyms are super lame but I think they chose their name perfectly. I don't think I have ever listened to the main vocals going out of tune for once. And they sing live. Really. When you have listened to thousands of live performances for 5 years, you can tell who is lip syncing and who is singing live.

Never mind if you won't listen to 3 of the songs above. THIS IS THE MAIN DISH! Except from EXO (which I thought will only be debuting 13 years later due to months and months of teasers but no news of debuting), B.A.P was the most awaited act of the year. And their debut song is seriously awesome. Like really really really REALLY awesome. So, must listen!

Remember what I said about Zelo's rap? This is how "LTE Rapper" was born. LTE is the fastest wireless service right now so basically "LTE Rapper" means the fastest rapper. Of course, no one can beat the Outsider at the moment but Zelo is only 16 (at that time). Can you imagine what he can do when he's older?

B.A.P - Warrior

I know how those who despise Kpop will react to this - "What the hell they all look the same! How do I tell who is who?" And you're right.

Normal Kpop groups will have their hair coloured differently or have different style so it's easier to differentiate who is who. BUT, B.A.P wanted to be known as a group. And I think this is quite cool since some fans might only like the group because "this guy" is handsome / "this guy" hair is cool / this & that but B.A.P fans starts with loving all of the members as a group.

Also due to their hair colour, one of the most popular phrases among the Baby (B.A.P's fanclub name is Baby. Yes, I know very LOL) is "I like that blonde one". Quite funny isn't it? Since all the members are blonde. :D

In case you want to know who is who, from left - Zelo, Daehyun, Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae & Jongup.
I wanted to use the blonde photo but I guess it's not good to confuse you people LOL.

B.A.P is like one of the most hardworking group I've come across in Kpop. Usually idols release at most 2-3 comebacks in a year. In 2012 alone, they have had 6 comebacks! SIX ALMOST BACK TO BACK COMEBACKS! If you were to promote a song for about 2 months (standard duration for Kpop idols), you don't even have time to record and practice for your next comeback! IT IS THAT CRAZY!!

As much as the fans love to see their idols on stage, by August the fans were practically begging TS Entertainment (their company) to let the boys rest.

In 2012 alone,
     January - Warrior
     March - Secret Love
     April - Power
     July - No Mercy
     August - Crash
     October - Stop It

And 1 year after debuting, they are doing a world tour! LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ROOKIE DOING WORLD TOUR?!

Yes, if you haven't heard of it already, their B.A.P Live On Earth concert's final stop is at Singapore, 8th of August. Bought to you by Fast Track Events. Please fast fast buy tickets cause the $188 category is sold out already. T_____T

If you are wondering why "Live On Earth", actually their concept pre-debut is that they are aliens invading Earth. Haha. I know this Kpop thingy is really lame at times but what to do when you want to gain fans? LOL. They even have a mini-series documenting their preparation to invade Earth. If you are interested, search YouTube for "MTV Ta-Dah It's B.A.P!". It's really funny (and lame at the same time) watching them PRETEND to be some alien. And I'm actually hoping for Season 2 LOL.


Actually this is not the first time I am attending a free Kpop concert due to this friend of mine. The last time I watched Secret Live in Singapore, she brought me along and I'm like the happiest girl in the world. Haha! You have no idea how happy I was because I have been following their progress since their debut (that's 5 years!) and this is like a golden egg given to me by a neighbour. LOL.

And Hyosung even shoot me a heart! HAHAHAHAHA! Really! Ok, sorry to run off topic.

Before I end this, two of B.A.P's new song. If you're not into their haughty, fierce image, please please pleaaassseeeeee watch Coffee Shop! I seriously think this is the best song from B.A.P that can turn a lot of people into fans. NOT due to their look but the song is seriously amazing.

And before I really end, someone please take that hat off Youngjae in Coffee Shop. Thanks.

B.A.P - Coffee Shop

B.A.P - Hurricane

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3 doses of love

  1. I loved Going Crazy too!! And I Remember! I still love them though! haha
    And I love almost all B.A.P songs!! (not all, because I'm not into their slow songs..except for rain sound!)
    Yongguk,Zelo,Himchan are my biases!! <3
    You are so lucky that you have opportunity to go to their concert!


    Didn't think that you're interested in B.A.P too! I love all their songs too.. Slow or fast, they're all awesome. AND MY BIASES ARE THE SAME AS YOURSSSS!!! OMGG!! But I really love them more as a whole. Daehyun's voice is REALLY amazing.
    They didn't stop by your country??

  3. Yes, Daehyun voice is amazing!! But Zelo's rap, I'm so yelly, I wanna rap like a boss too! hahaha And they are all so sexy I can't haha. DA LOOF IS ON FIRE!!!

    No :( I live in Latvia ~_~ Who knows this country lol.