[Review] Plan B, Ipoh = B-class food?

July 27, 2013

I think by now almost everyone (in Malaysia) has heard of Plan B by now. I won't even waste my time introducing them.

Last week Plan B opened in Ipoh. As I've heard many people talking about Plan B, it must be something good..... right? And like any other people out there, I was curious and went to have a taste this afternoon.

The interior decoration was nice. It's like a modern house in a rustic environment. Haha, not sure if you get that. By the way, I am very sorry I didn't take any photos because they practically ruined my day. I have no mood to take photos and promote some overrated restaurants.

HOW did they ruin my day? Okay, don't so bad lah. My mood was already not so good in the morning. I didn't have breakfast and was stuck at the post office for 1 hour. Then jam my way to Plan B for another 20 minutes (supposed to be only 3 minutes drive). But I was lucky that we didn't have to wait that long to get in. Service was not bad also lah.

Bf's Big Breakfast.

After we ordered, we waited for about 10 minutes and bf's Big Breakfast arrived. So he started eating and everything was fine. I had some of his tomatoes, button mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Not bad, just like how they are supposed to taste like. Then bf told me that the sausage was cold. I'm like wtf? But it's fine lah since he said it was not bad. I didn't had any of his turkey bacon or chicken sausage because I'm not a fan of ham / sausage / bacon / etc. I eat them but I don't really like them.

So I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited and waited. My Benjamin Portabello STILL has yet to arrive. By now, bf is almost finishing his food. Called for waiter and continued to wait. I think I have waited for almost 1 hour for my to food arrive. And guess what they put on my table...

I paid RM23 for this. And I can't take the plate home. ;(

Yep. That's it. Two poached eggs on two medium-small Portobello mushroom on a piece of toast. With two chipotle butter on the side. I'm like WTF?! And I have sooooooooo many things to complain on the dish.

1. The Portobello mushrooms are cold. And I don't mean the "left-it-on-the-plate for-some-time-to-cool" those kind of cold. It's COLD. Practically taken out of the fridge and left there to thaw those kind of cold. Okay. Maybe they didn't took the mushrooms out from the fridge. Maybe they have air-con in the kitchen. So they left it to cool under the air-con. Makes sense, serving cold Portobello mushrooms to customers.

2. Poached eggs are perfectly cooked. The yolks are runny but not too runny. But the problem is... they are not even warm? They poached the eggs in cold water or what? Or they poached the eggs then put it in cold water? HUH??? I have no idea if you guys like cold runny egg yolks but I do not like my eggs cold except for hard boiled eggs. When they are cold, they have this smell and taste that's really repulsive for me. I don't know what you call that.. fishy? But that's for fish right? 

3. Chipotle butter on the side. Erm, am I supposed to eat it whole or...? I can't spread it on the toast since there are tons of stuff on top of it. I can't put it on top of my eggs and let them melt (they are cold, remember?). I know I can cut it into smaller piece and put it together into my mouth with the food but that doesn't make sense. It's like chewing butter and toast and eggs and Portobello all at the same time. It's gross eating butter like this. No. Either melt it together with the Hollandaise sauce or grill the Portobello with the butter. Unless you like to eat big chunks of butter, this is just yucks for me.

4. Hollandaise sauce is broken. I am no chef but you know it when you see it. The butter and the yolk is obviously separated. And it taste just like the yolks. I know it is made of egg yolks so it is supposed to taste like egg yolks. I mean, if you're going to make the Hollandaise sauce like that, might as well pour more yolks on it? Why waste effort and make Hollandaise sauce if it's going to taste exactly the same? I have had Hollandaise sauce before and all I know is that it is not supposed to taste exactly like egg yolks. Also, why is my Hollandaise sauce BELOW the eggs? I have Googled so many Eggs Ben by Plan B and they are all ON the eggs. Is it because the sauce is broken so they're trying to hide it?

5. Talking about other Eggs Ben I saw on Google, they all have some kind of sides, be it avocado, tomatoes or simple veggies. And mine is two piece of butter? On such a big plate? No decorations?? Okay.

Below are all the Eggs Ben I found on Google. Isn't it a bit too.. different? Click on the links to go back to the original review.

Image taken from rebeccasaw.com

Image taken from iamthewitch.com

  Image taken from emm-a-man.com

Image taken from goodyfoodies.blogspot.com

Short to say, the whole plate was just disgusting. I had actually transferred 1 poached egg to my bf but when I tried to eat my food, it's just yolks. I cannot imagine what will happen if I had both the eggs. The toast was too small to soak up all the yolks, the Portobello, the Hollandaise sauce and the yolks were cold so when you put it in your mouth it is just one word - disgusting. Hard to swallow even. I had to down everything with Orange juice and asked my bf to buy me some sweets right after I stepped out of Plan B.

Yeah. I was stupid for not asking for a replacement right there and then. But I have waited for 1 hour and I was hungry. The restaurant was packed. How long more do you think I have to wait before my replacement meal arrive? And as mentioned earlier, I was not in the mood. All I want to do is go home. 

Maybe they are called Plan B for a reason. Might the B stand for B-class food? I was actually looking forward to dining at Plan B. This is just disappointment. Beyond words.

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3 doses of love

  1. well thats sad cuz the one i had in mid valley didnt look like that..
    so sorry for you :(

  2. omg...do u feel like being cheated? RM23 is way too expensive with this quality of food, feel so sorry and i don't know why i felt quite angry when i was reading, maybe we shared same experience like this..:(

  3. At Plan B too? I definitely feel cheated. They actually gave me a RM40 voucher as replacement when I complained at their FB page. I went again the other day but the food still suck. :(