Sorry dude, I'm not your age.

July 18, 2013

Have you ever asked people to guess your age? And they almost never got it right? Too old? Too young? LOL I have a funny story to tell.

People always tell me I don't look my age. Heck I don't even act my age. They always thought I'm still in high school. No surprises. If I tell people I'm 25 this year (another half a year to 26), they'll be like WHOAAAA SERIOUS?! And I'll be like.....

Honestly, it's hard to me to even believe that I'm nearing 30 soon. WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

Anyways back to my story, this happened quite a while ago. If you follow me at Instagram (follow me HERE), you might have seen this (or missed it if you didn't read the comments). I posted this selca there and this dude is trying to ask how old am I. I'm quite flattered lah but the only problem is..... I think it will be funnier if you read yourself LOL (click to enlarge).

Not trying to make fun / mock anyone here but WTF THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! I have no idea if I should be happy or sad about this. Some 11 year old is trying to flirt with me WTFLOLOLOLOL!!

I know I don't look my age lah. That day I went to my baby brother's (18 this year) university and went to the office to help him buy his lab coat. The girl look at me and asked someone inside to pass her a S size coat. I'm like "NOT FOR ME DUDE!!". Then the other day in the hospital, the nurse asked if I'm over 18 because I need to sign some papers. That is still okay lah. Maybe they thought I'm still in Form 5 or something.

But this is EXTREME! Does this mean if I go to America (I assume he's from there) I will be treated like a child? NOT EVEN A TEENAGER?! 

Okay lah. I'm grateful for my youthful looks. I don't mind if I'm going to be treated like a child in America. Most probably I won't stay there for long anyways. So please stay this way until I'm 50. Thanks God. I said thank you already. :D

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14 doses of love

  1. i was once macam tu. Then Stress hits me and second puberty. LOL
    now old like apa ni. T3T sad me.

    so faster enjoy while u can

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I don't think I can stay like this forever lah.
    After married and give birth sure old until you cannot recognise. LOL

  3. HAHAHAHA omg, this is too funny lol. And I just noticed that you were born in Malaysia, what! Same over here. :D But back tot the topic, it's a good thing that the kid think you're young because let's say when you are 35, that kiddo will be 21. Yeaaaaaa! Both of you can date hehe. xD

  4. Ugh. No thanks. By that time I'll be too old. LOL!

    And WHAT/!? You're Malaysian?? I followed your blog recently but you never mention anything about being Malaysian???

  5. LOL doesn't matter la.. you have a youthful face, must take advantage of it. :P!
    YES YES I am Malaysian too hehe! ^^ I didn't write it down because I immigrated to Holland when I was younger, so for easier reading I just wrote down 'The Netherlands' xD

  6. Wow. So you haven't been back here for a looooong time?? I guess out there is still better. Haha. Don't stay in Malaysia.

  7. Yup, about 10 years now. :( I still do miss Malaysia though, especially my family and food! But I will think twice over living there.. xD

  8. Now I can't wait for your old face. :P Muahahahahaha!!

  9. That comment hahaha makes me laugh! you're so cute and don't look your age <3

  10. You really look very young! Haha But that 11 years dude loool
    People on internet always say that I look like 22 or something, but in real life people think that I'm around 14 ~_~ haha

  11. Sorry I'm not getting old. I had a deal with God. MUAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Hahaha! I know... Many people told me I don't look my age. But being mistaken as an eleven year old is just too.... T______T

  13. Really??? Haha! How old are you actually? You look like you're around 18.

  14. And the most interesting that people on internet have been telling me that I look like I'm 22 years old since I was 14 years old lool x_x
    I'm 17 currently, after 4 months I will be 18 haha You guessed right =D