Hello August.

August 02, 2013

So with a blink of an eye, we are already in the 2nd half of the year. Time really flies. It's already one month since my nose surgery. Haha.

I'll be going back to Singapore next week and hopefully I'll be able to find a better job there. One that won't cause me my life. -.- Oh! I didn't mention it, did I? The main reason I had to undergo surgery for my nose is due to my job. 

It was a small office, the air-con does not function properly, it was very very dusty, the printing machines operates inside the small office and my co-workers SMOKES IN THE OFFICE! Okay lah, they did smoke outside the office when I'm there but when I said "outside", I really mean just outside the glass door. The smoke seeps in and I'll be trapped in the small room with no proper air-circulation for hours. I can't believe I actually put up with it for one whole year. There, I said it. And I thought Singaporeans abide by the law like their life depends on it. Nope!

So yeah, hopefully I'll find a better job with a better environment. :)

And if you read my previous post, I wrote a pretty bad review on Plan B restaurant. I also posted on their Facebook page complaining about the dish and guess what, they offered to make it up and gave me some vouchers. I'm going to Plan B Ipoh again this weekend so let's hope I'll be able to eat something delicious. I'll update on what happens. 

Also, I have a Facebook page now! I knew it was going to be a bad idea but I went with it anyway. -.- So please help help by liking! ^^ You can click on the "Like" on top of my sidebar or you can go to my page [ HERE ].

If you have any questions you want to ask anonymously, you can do it at my ask.fm. Click [ HERE ] or input your question at my sidebar.

If you have any topics that you want me to write about, do let me know! I'm actually thinking about eyebrow tutorial since Kaixin is always going on about how much she love the way I draw my brows LOL. 

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  1. Yes! Eyebrows tutorial pleaseeeee!!! I'm having problem drawing straight eyebrows. T_T

  2. happy august http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/whatiwear-competition-winner.html