Pretty white dress + updates in Singapore.

August 18, 2013


I'm blogging from my #Note2! As you have already know (if you follow me on Instagram), I'm back in Singapore already!!

And I actually fell sick not long after I'm back. I'm like WTF ARGHHHHH!! =.= I have totally no idea why I'm having sudden fever and chills and headaches again. Maybe my nose is acting up again. Really, I think I should just rest at home for the rest of my life. =.=

Anyways, apart from my nose, I already found a job! I'm always so lucky to be able to find a job right after I arrived here. Hehe. The pay is so much better than my previous company. Also I can claim medical fees YAY! Clinics are like part of my routine now. And you have no idea how much I have to pay for my medicines. Yes, thank you nose. =.=

I know I have promised to update on Plan B's revisited but I am really really busy. You know, like catching up on Masterchef Season 4 episodes.. (#teambri YAY!) And also my current obsession, Dad, Where Are You Going? (아빠, 어디가? / Appa Odiga?) The kids are superrrrrrrrr cute! Especially Sung Jun. Like how can one's kid be this cute?! Is that even possible?!

Ok, this just reminded me on why I did not update these few days. My Photoshop died on me. As in expired. =.= And I'm can't even download Photoshop CC trial. FML this time.

Uploaded a photo of me trying a white dress but not sure where it will appear (LOL) so I'll just note it here haha. Pretty dress but S is too tight for my big ass and M is too long for my short legs. =.= Go check it out at Bershka. On sale! $35 only if not mistaken.

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6 doses of love

  1. this is such an abrupt end of post. ==

  2. hahaha like suddenly saja kan

  3. The dress looks really good on you! Haha I can't believe you blogged this entire post from your Note :)

  4. Nice Blog and cute Pictures...
    Cheers, Miss Smith